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October 2004 is a historical episode that Steely RMI began its journey as a construction steel manufacturer in Ethiopia. It began operation with an investment capital of 38 million USD, at a plant capacity of 120,000 ton per annul, which was one of the biggest capacities in the sector at the time.

Since 2004 on wards, Ethiopian economy has been growing continually with significant rates. Thus, such significant economic growths in Ethiopian history motivated Steely RMI to labor diligently on its part towards fulfilling the booming national demand for construction steel products.

In line with this, Steely RMI built its big plant at 178,000 sqm, with full fledged facilities in the Oromia regional State, Bishoftu town, 45 km away from the capital to the East.

To the evidence of its sound strategic decision, Steely RMI could operate successfully in the last twelve consecutive years with solid financial and economic status.

Hence, in 2011 Steely RMI further expanded its capacity to 360,000 ton per annum with a total investment cost of 71m.USD. Since then, with more than 2000 direct workers, and 30 Megawatt electricity power usage, Steely RMI is producing its main products of reinforce- ment bars and wire rods of various sizes with the best grade steel. Its products quality are certified with appropriate conformity assessment agency. It also produces oxygen gas with more than 99.6% purity for its own usage. APOLO, brand name for Steely’s products, is well known among its customers and end users.

Our Vision
To be one of the leading dynamic and competitive steel manufacturer in Africa by 2025
Our Mission
To support the development of the construction and manufacturing sectors by supplying quality steel products with competitive price
Our Values
Quality, Integrity, responsiveness team work, customer first, saffet first, Ecological friendliness, Capacity building

Quality Policy

We are committed to produce the higher standard steel products and build our image in the areas in which we are operating through complying international and national standards. We follow principles of:-

  • Working culture:- Focusing of quality
  • Continuous learning and improvement:-Customers focus, Providing feedback and disseminating information on the quality issue
  • Partnership:- develop a strong partnership with suppliers
  • Participation:- encourage participating and promotion of stakeholders
  • Goodwill:- act responsibly and build the value of good name and reputation
  • Teamwork:- work on a team basis and support every one
  • Work on risk:- identify risks and taking preventive and corrective actions