Reinforcement bar: -Rolling mill are generally classified according to their product the purpose of rolling mill is to convert materials of large cross-sections in to smaller sections of various shapes of rebar’s this deformation is accomplished by applying compressive force through a set of rollers. The reinforcement or rebar continuous rolling process is widely used industrial process. Deformation process it transforms solid material from one shape in to another shape as per the rollers designed shape and highly quality rebar by latest mechanism. We are producing this reinforcement materials by CES 101.2017 standard requirements

B420DWR-G60(from diameter 8-12mm)
B500BWR-g75(from diameter 8-24mm)



  • Provide resistance to support design loads.
  • For durability and aesthetic purposes by providing localized resistance to limit cracking and temperature-induced stresses.
  • Provide resistance to concentrated loads, spreading it through a wider area.
  • Assist other steel bars in accommodating their loads by holding them in the correct position.
  • External steel tie bars to constrain and reinforce masonry structures, sometimes as a means of building conservation.
  • Reinforced masonry: Some masonry blocks and bricks include voids to accommodate rebar to carry tensile loads. The rebar is secured in place using grout.


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